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Property Inspections

Did you know that mosquitoes LOVE tires?

No, it’s not because they need new ones for their tiny motorcycles. Old tires can fill with water after a rain and provide a perfect habitat for adult mosquitoes to lay their eggs! Juvenile mosquitoes are aquatic and live in the bottom of the tires in water, provided with a shaded, cool, and dark space to hide and grow.

Tires are the perfect habitat for mosquitoes such as the Asian Tiger mosquito and the Yellow fever mosquito, both of which can transmit Zika, dengue, and several other vector-borne diseases.

Tires can be taken to the land fill for a small fee, or stored properly in a garage, shed, or under another protective enclosure. They can also be stored PROPERLY under tarps, but these covers, if not set up properly, can collect water as well, contributing to the mosquito problem.

Our department will inspect properties with large numbers of mosquitoes and often request that property owners clean up or remove large numbers of tires and other containers that provide large amounts of mosquito breeding sites. If a property has a high number of mosquito breeding habits, the owner may be cited to clean up the property or properly store belongings that are contributing largely to the local mosquito population.

If you have a concern about a property contributing to mosquito populations in your area, you can call 311 and report the property for inspection by our department.