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To prevent disease, injury, and disability; promote health and well-being, and prepare for and respond to disasters.


A lean and responsive state government that allows communities, individuals and businesses to prosper.

A Georgia with healthy people, families, and communities is a place where public and private sectors pool their assets and strengths with people to promote health for all. Decisions are made in harmony with economic and environmental concerns, as well as with healthy human development.

A healthy Georgia is a state with dynamic and healthy communities. In healthy communities everyone is welcome and belongs; people respect each other’s cultural heritage. They care for and help each other, and protect their surroundings for recreation and reflection. Healthy communities are safe places for people and families to live, work, and play; they have adequate food and housing, quality education and training for children and adults, jobs and suitable public services.

District Offices, Augusta
1916 North Leg Road
Augusta, GA 30909

Hours of Operation:
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Public Health Managers

District Health Director: Lee Donohue, MD

Deputy Director: Jonathan Adriano

District Nursing Director: Rebecca Kershner

Chronic Disease Coordinator: Sadie Stockton

Emergency Preparedness and Response Director: Susan Beckham

Environmental Health Director: Tim Mosley

Epidemiology: Joy Miller

Family Planning Coordinator: Shalonna Stewart

Immunization Coordinators: Susan Edmunds & Heather Parnell

Information Technology Director: Betty McCall

MRC Coordinator: Ella Gardener

Public Information Officer: Sadie Stockton

WIC/Nutritional Services Coordinator: Lisa Murray

Communications Director: Alexis Gonzalez

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