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Tourist Accommodations



Tourist Accommodations Program Manager
Dennis Weese



Minimize illnesses and injuries associated with insanitary or hazardous conditions in Georgia’s tourist accommodations.

Program Activities

  • Conduct complaint investigations on insanitary conditions reported by tourists and travelers.
  • Provide education and training for environmental health specialists, consumers and industry professionals on the rules and regulations.
  • Perform mandated inspections of all regulated tourist accommodations.



If you are building a new facility or taking ownership of an existing facility, you will need to have a permit for the hotel/motel in the owner’s name (change of ownership invalidates the current permit for an existing hotel).

Plans will be required to be submitted for major renovations or newly built facilities. Please submit these plans to the Richmond County Health Department and attention them to the Tourist Accommodations Program Manager (contact information listed above).

This is in addition to those submitted to Richmond County Building Inspections Department.

For plan review submission instructions and a check list of the major requirements examined on a plan review, see below (link to Plan review checklist and submission instructions).

Plan Review Submission Instructions


Tourist Accommodations Rules and Regulations

(Effective January 1, 2014)

Inspection Report
Inspection Guidance Instructions
Inspection Marking Instructions
Frequently Asked Questions
Informational Brochure


Under the new regulations, the following items have become areas of concern:

Food Service: A hotel can only serve commercially wrapped individual servings without a Food Service Permit. (511-6-2-.19)

All gas fired equipment (water heaters, dryers, spa/pool heaters) must be inspected by a certified mechanical or HVAC contractor; documentation of a passed inspection must be kept on file. (511-6-2-.15)

Pesticide applicaton/pest control should only be done by a certified Pest Control Operator; any pesticide application must be documented and kept on file. Fogging can only be performed by a P.C.O. (511-6-2-.13)

Hotel rooms are intended for short term occupancy; housekeeping must be performed on a regular basis by hotel employees. Rooms should be vacated to allow thorough cleaning and maintenance. (511-6-2-.03 uu)