East Central Health of Georgia

East Central Health District

Communicable Disease Control


There are a variety of services offered by the Communicable Disease Control Program. For additional information contact the Communicable Disease Control Program at (706) 667-4342.

Tuberculosis Control:
Provides screening, treatment and prevention of TB. Chest x-rays and TB skin test (PPD) are done to evaluate for tuberculosis. Medications for prophylaxis and management of tuberculosis.

Sexually Transmitted Disease Control:
Specially trained nurses for sexually transmitted disease provide screening, diagnosis, and treatment. Communicable Disease Specialists investigate, counsel, and provide education to clients diagnosed with these infections.

HIV Counseling and Screening:
Screening is provided by appointment, as well as in Women’s Health Clinic, STD Clinic, and the TB Clinic. Counseling, support services, and referral, if indicated, are provided to the client as well as to family members. The Health educator provides risk reduction information in the areas of HIV/STD and sexual risk reduction for the incarcerated. “Reduction and Prevention” Education Program (R.A.P.)

Disease Reporting and Follow Up:
All Georgia physicians, laboratories, and other health care providers are required by law to report certain identified diseases to the Health Department. The County Health Department does the required epidemiological follow-up, recommends treatment, and reports to the state.