East Central Health of Georgia

East Central Health District

Chronic Disease Prevention

For Information — Please call 706-729-2054 or 706-729-2055


  • Access and analyze surveys and data related to chronic diseases
  • Develop and implement public health programs which address chronic diseases and the risk factors
  • Develop public health strategies and campaigns to promote healthy lifestyles which can be implemented in communities, faith-based organizations, schools, worksites and/or other community agencies/organizations
  • Coordinate and Collaborate public health programs with other community-based organization to promote healthy lifestyle choices
  • Identify and advocate for policy changes which promote and improve healthy lifestyles and environment changes
  • Serve as community resource for policy development on chronic disease health issues
  • Serve as community resource for chronic disease materials
  • Provide speakers to address chronic diseases and related risk factors
  • Assist with the development of community Wellness Programs
  • To improve the quality of life and life expectancy of all populations within the East Central Health District
  • To eliminate health disparities among all populations within the East Central Health District

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