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The Department of Human Resources Promotes Asthma Awareness Month in May

May has been designated as Asthma Awareness Month and May 3rd as World Asthma Day. Each May, the Georgia Department of Human Resources (DHR) works to raise awareness of asthma in Georgia. DHR through the East Central Health District (ECHD) has partnered with the Medical College of Georgia (MCG) and The Neighborhood Improvement Project, Inc. to sponsor an Asthma Health Day Forum on May 7, 2005 at the MCG Alumni Center.

“The purpose of the forum is to accentuate the problem of under treated asthma, especially in low-income neighborhoods and to develop strategies to effectively manage the asthmatic patient based on National Institutes of Health guidelines,” states Edna Davis, Chronic Disease Prevention Initiative Coordinator for the ECHD.

Asthma is a chronic, inflammatory disorder of the lungs and airways that causes episodes of wheezing breathlessness, chest tightness, and coughing. Asthma is a major health problem in Georgia, especially among children, but can be controlled with early diagnosis and proper management.

The purpose of having Asthma Awareness Month and World Asthma Day is to increase awareness of asthma, identify reasons for increased prevalence of asthma, reduce asthma morbidity and mortality, and overall improve management of asthmatic patients.

Health Professionals who are interested in registering for the health forum should call 1-800-221-6437. For information pertaining to this forum please, contact Sandra Dubose at 803-634-3576.

Refer to these web sites for more information on asthma: www.ginasthma.com, www.noattacks.org, or call 1-866-NO ATTACKS.

Emmitt L.Walker
Public Relations Information Coordinator