East Central Health of Georgia

East Central Health District

RFP Audit FAQ’s

Q:  In the Cost Proposal Forms format, we are to submit our estimated time and a portion of the fee for 6 categories.  Am I correct that our time for our audit planning and fieldwork would be included in the “Audit Report” section of the format? 

A:Yes, that is the correct line to estimate for that work.

Q:  The Cost Proposal format includes a line item for Required Report under the Single Audit Act.  In looking at the supplementary information provided, am correct in saying that the Richmond County HD audit would be the only audit currently subject to the Single Audit Act and Uniform Guidance requirements?

A: Yes, that is correct.

Q: In regards to the technical proposal, if a firm is submitting an audit proposal for multiple health departments, is it necessary to submit a separate technical proposal for each audit?  In looking at the information requested to be included in Section V of the technical proposal, it asks for “level and staff and number of hours to be assigned to each proposed stage of the engagement”.  Would we have to submit a technical proposal for each different audit that a proposal is submitted upon?  I was initially under the impression that the cover page template, in which a proposer indicates which county health departments are being bid upon would make multiple (when more than one audit is being bid upon) technical proposals unnecessary. 

A: A firm that is bidding on multiple health departments does not need to submit multiple technical proposals.  The cover sheet and the requested number of copies of the technical proposal is all that is required.