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Information for Assisting Hurricane Katrina Evacuees to Obtain Louisiana Birth Certificates

As a request from the Louisiana State Registrar Office, all states and jurisdictions where Louisiana evacuees are located will allow Louisiana birth certificates to be obtained through submitting an application through the local county vital records office.

“Evacuees who need Louisiana birth certificates must submit an Louisiana application for a certified copy of a birth certificate in person to the Richmond County Health Department’s Vital Records Service office,” states Mr. Marion Johnson, Vital Record Service Office Manager. Evacuees may pick up a Louisiana application from vital records and then they must submit application in person. No other means of submitting will be allowed.

Once the state of Louisiana receives these applications they will be processed and delivered back to Richmond County Health Department’s Vital Records Service who in turn will contact those requesting a Louisiana birth certificate. There will be no fees collected for this service.

Applications can be picked up at all county Vital Records Service offices within the East Central Health District, and in Augusta, the Red Cross, Department of Family and Children Service, and the Ramada Inn Clinic.

For further information, please contact Mr. Marion Johnson, Vital Records Service Office Manager, at 706-667-4319.

Emmitt L.Walker
Public Relations Information Coordinator