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Mosquito Control Detention & Retention Pond Inspections


Throughout Richmond county, developed land requires that property owners place a detention or retention pond to keep water flow as natural as possible across the soil surface. This storm water needs to be slowed down so that it does not wash out creek and river banks, and the ponds that do this must be properly maintained by property owners to ensure they meet this goal.

Richmond county mosquito control inspects private detention and retention ponds throughout the county to ensure that ponds are properly maintained and to cut down on mosquito habitat in these locations. With over 600 private storm water ponds in the county with more being built as development continues, we stay very busy ensuring that ponds are functioning properly and are not contributing to mosquito problems.


What you can do:

  • If you see a retention or detention pond in your area that has brush growing up in it, or that you feel is contributing to mosquito problems in your area, please call and report to 311 so that we can inspect it.