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Medical Reserve Corps

What is the Medical Reserve Corps?


  • Created to recruit, organize and coordinate volunteer resources in times of emergencies.
    Community-based, designed to make communities stronger, safer and better prepared to respond to disasters.
  • Comprised of medical professionals and others who serve as volunteers in their communities during emergencies, such as influenza epidemics, chemical spills or act of terrorism.

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Why is the MRC Needed?

The MRC was created to help recruit, organize and coordinate volunteer resources in times of emergencies.

Lessons learned from September 11, 2001 and other disasters have identified the following:

  • Medical professionals may be over-committed and unable to respond
  • Citizens are a great resource when trained and organized
  • Initial response to disaster is a local response
  • Recruit and credential volunteers prior to crisis
  • Job descriptions and training must be developed prior to events

To learn more about the Medical Reserve Corps visit the National MRC web site or reference the FAQ’s below.


We also need physicians and other health professionals.

WHY? Serve your community, training

WHEN? FLEX HOURS, training provided

WHO? Opportunities for everyone –seniors, students, empty nesters, anyone who has free time and a desire to serve

WHAT? Opportunities for everyone- if you have a good attitude, friendly personality, caring nature, we have something for you- we need receptionists, greeters, file clerks, keyboards or typists, appointment scheduling, assistance at health fairs, public speakers, assistance with distribution of educational materials.

HOW? Register at ServGA

**If you have any problems registering, please reach out to our office @ MRC.ECPHD@dph.ga.gov



Q1. How do I know if I am qualified to serve as a volunteer?

There is a job for everyone. During your initial interview, you will be assigned a task for which your training and expertise is best suited.

Q2. Will I have liability protection?

YES. The Volunteer Protection Act of 1997 provides liability protection for most volunteers as long as they perform their tasks in a careful and responsible manner.

Q3. How will I be notified in case of an emergency?

You will be notified by an established call down system activated in case of emergency.

Q4. Will I be trained to perform my assigned task/responsibilities?

All volunteers will be trained to assure competence in assigned duties. Training will be accomplished by internet, classroom or self-study courses.