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Birth Certificate – Required Information

(Effective July 1, 2010 the birth certificate fee increased from $15.00 to $25.00)

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Required Information

The person requesting a certified copy of a birth record must provide all the information below, a signed request form, and a valid photo ID, such as: driver’s license, state issued ID card, or employer issued photo ID and mailing it to Vital Records.

The following information MUST BE provided to conduct a search for a birth certificate:

  1. Full name of person shown on the birth certificate (last name at birth if female)
  2. Date of Birth (month, day, year)
  3. Place of Birth (city, county),
  4. Current age
  5. Sex
  6. Race (optional)
  7. Full name of mother (include mother’s maiden last name)
  8. Full name of father
  9. Relationship to the person named on the birth certificate requested
  10. The number of certificates requested


Georgia law requires pre-payment before a record or a service can be provided. Fees are not refundable after a service has been provided. Records are sent first class mail.

The fee inccludes one certified copy if the record is found on file $25.00

Additional certifications of same record ordered at the same time (full size copies only) $ 5.00

Special Filing Fees

Delayed certificate of birth $10.00

Amending birth certificates because of adoption, paternity acknowledgment, legitimation or court order $10.00

All court ordered changes must be sent to the State Office of Vital Records:

Georgia Department of Public Health

1680 Phoenix Blvd. Suite 100

Atlanta, GA  30349

(404) 679-4701/4702

No special filing fee is required during the first year of birth to amend a birth record. This includes all types of amendments.

Where to Request a Birth Certificate

The following options are available for requesting a birth certificate:

Mail your request, fee and photocopy of valid photo ID to:


Or you can order your certificates online by clicking HERE