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Augusta Leaders Urge Residents and Businesses to Comply with Boil Water Request

AUGUSTA – (February 9, 2016) – At the direction of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division, Augusta, Georgia has issued an advisory to boil water in the service area of the Highland Avenue Water Treatment Plant.  This order comes after a brief excursion of turbidity limits at the Highland Avenue Water Treatment Plant. Turbidity is a measure of particles suspended in the water. Samples that were taken today are currently being tested. However, there is no current evidence of contamination and this advisory is being issued in an abundance of caution. This affects people who live and work in East Augusta, Fort Gordon and the area north of Gordon Highway.  People in these areas should boil water before drinking, cooking with it or using water to prepare baby food. The water should be boiled for a minute after reaching a rolling boil.

In a joint statement, Mayor Hardie Davis, Jr and Administrator Janice Allen Jackson believe the Augusta water supply is safe but everyone needs to follow the state’s order. “We apologize for the inconvenience. But, out of consideration of the state requirement, we are urging residents and businesses to act accordingly,” explain Davis and Jackson.

The Augusta-Richmond County Emergency Management Agency has activated its reverse notification system which sent out phone messages to all residents who are affected by the boil water order.



For more information contact:
Emmitt Larry Walker
Public Relations Information Coordinator